Strategic Consultation

Your brand doesn't just exist on your website. It's everywhere - in all messaging, site content, advertisements, taglines, branded video, brochures, email signatures, press releases and more. To attract customers and establish your point of difference, your brand must speak loudly, clearly and with a unified voice. Otherwise, you're not helping your consumers understand who you are.

This is branding...

HOODZRADIO.COM  launched April 2012, incorporates a 24/7 365 Live Auto Streaming Platform, features an Urban Adult Contemporary music programming format , and  Free Mobile App available through the App Store  and Google Play.

Social Media Marketing

So don't freak out but... as you read this, your customers are having conversations about you on social media. They are using social channels to hunt for information and share their experiences with brands just like yours. They're logged into Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to seek out recommendations, reviews, insights and stories about the brands they're interested in before they decide where they want to spend their dollars.

Whether you refer to it as earned media, branded content, non-interruption marketing, custom content or just really awesome stuff, the goal behind your content efforts is the same.

Social Media Management

It's about giving away good information today to build trust, credibility and authority with your audience over time. It's an attention-based loyalty strategy designed to attract customers to your brand by fulfilling their needs before you ever ask them to open their wallets.

Lets talk about branding...

Karma's services are designed to help you craft a positioning statement that clearly defines your brand in terms of your product, your customers and your competition. This brand positioning will be supported and complemented by visuals that express the brand's feel, personality and emotion.


Lets build mental real estate with your customers...

If you already understand what your brand is, we'll work with you to incorporate it into everything you're doing. It's not enough to know your brand - you need to bleed it.

The digital landscape is evolving, and digital audio advertising is part of that evolution and paradigm shift.

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