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The social web marketing tactics, new media and digital marketing automation are all new skills, concepts and technologies that we need to understand and learn. I know that hurts. And you thought when you left college or that university those exams and learning were all over.

But staying in your comfort zone is not an option in a digital world.

As marketers we need to be reinventing ourselves. It is a revolution, not an evolution and ignorance is not bliss but a road to extinction. Who thought a mobile app (Uber) would destroy the taxi industry. Or a computer company (Apple) would disrupt the music business.

We need to be nimble, agile and dedicated to a lifetime of learning and innovation. Much of the past we have to leave behind.

Our Story

The firm offers a complete, custom digital advertising campaign that covers all audio-visual and printed media. Examples include digital radio and podcasts, display ads, social media advertisements, etc.

We offer marketing expertise to clients wanting to reach, motivate and influence consumers.   At Karma, we understand that clients have special needs in crafting messages to be interpreted by consumers. Using  social web marketing tactics, new media and digital marketing automation,  that’s what we do. We create meaningful campaigns that incorporate mediums trusted by consumers and deliver novel experiences across all forms of technology.

Meet the Founder

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Frederick Davis

Founder & CEO

Let me say first,  i started out as a lover of music and then technology.  Fast forward, after graduating 2008 from The New School of Radio & Television this lead to an internship on the street team of a regional company Pamal/Albany Broadcasting Company.  I became the Go-To-Guy in the Promotions Department. I retired that position as a Marketing Consultant/Account Executive.

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