Project Description

Hummm, How to tune in to Internet Radio?

Summer 2006, Upstate New York, having a conversation a radio with DJ Chris Cool, and based on my continued research we spoke this moment of Internet Radio as we now know it, into existence. We didn’t have the tools available so I educated myself about traditional radio and technology more specifically streaming audio and video directing from your own platform and owning the content.  Salute to Dan Dinsmore Founder at OverIt Media.

Fast forward 2020. If you know your favorite radio station’s call letters or name, it’s easy to google a specific Internet Radio station on a computer or smart device—just type or speak to your smart speaker like an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod. Done Deal…

For music lovers, it pays to go through a radio station aggregator: An online database of curated links to radio stations searchable by location, genre, popularity, and—stream quality.

First among many, and thanks to our first  affiliate partner, TuneIn Radio, the 800-pound gorilla of Internet Radio station aggregators. At HOODZ Radio, our strategic relationship  comes pre-installed or is loadable on more than 200 connected devices, including smart speakers from the likes of Sonos and Bose, smart TVs, streaming media players (e.g., Roku and Amazon Fire TV), smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles (Xbox and PlayStation), and personal computers.

With a global database of more than 100,000 stations in 197 countries and 22 languages, plus 5.7 million podcasts and on-demand show offerings, TuneIn comes closest to world radio completeness (and domination). Senior director of marketing Ana Guillen tells me it is now attracting 75 million listeners a month and has witnessed an especially strong 53-percent uptick in news content listenership as the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated.

The most notable gap in TuneIn’s channel library are the 853 commercial stations in 153 U.S. markets owned by iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel Communications). To access those, you need to tap into the iHeartRadio app and portal, likewise accessible for free on internet radios, smartphones, tablets, computers, and similar connected devices.

Veteran internet radio aggregator VTuner does have a database that rivals TuneIn. About 30 staffers toil in the Philippines to keep its inventory of station formats, URLs, and streaming codecs up to date. Literally hundreds of world stations presenting in a particular category are accessible with a single tap on VTuner’s barebones, but functional website.